I recently built my own rig and I plan to use it with a monitor (Monitor 1) in my bedroom as well as my 50" plasma (Monitor 2), but not at the same time (they are not hooked up in a dual-display configuration)

I have an EVGA GTX 260 and was wondering if its possible to set it up such that whenever I hook up the computer to Monitor 1 that upon booting into Windows (I have Vista 32bit Ultimate) it auto applies the profile that I've created for Monitor 1. If I shut down, and then boot up connected to Monitor 2, then it will auto apply the profile for Monitor 2.

Is this even possible?

The reason I ask is because the refresh rate and resolution on Monitor 1 is different than with Monitor 2. Monitor 2 is a plasma so it can't accept refresh rates higher than a certain point, where Monitor 1 is a CRT that can accept up to 120hz. My plasma will simply not display an image if the refresh rate is too high. This means I would not be able to change any of the settings as I would be able to see anything.

Any ideas?