I downloaded and played with just about every program for my tnt2 32mb vid card. Found riva tuner to best the best. Also while youre at 3d guru, get some det drivers, go for the 5 or up to 12 series, stay away from anything later as they are really for newer cards and windows xp. Have fun, with those 2 mods i got my tnt2 from 600-700 up tp 1030 3dmark2001se points (3dmark is another program you should get, it tests the card with some game scenes, so you can compare mods and test for stability)
remember, dont start cranking it up straight away, start off with a 10, 15, or 20 point increase, then work up with 5 percent increments, testing with 3dmark. bring it back down if you see anything funny happen on the tests. You will be able to get memory o/c greater then core, so if you get to the point where you have to drop the setting due to 3dmark crashing or showing weird stuff (look carefully) keep on raising the memory clock by very small increments: peace: