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Thread: How do I overclock my Nividia Riva TNT2 16mb APG video card?

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    I would like to know if I can overclock my video card. It's called the Riva TNT2 by Nividia and it has 16mb ram and it is located in the APG socket. It's in a Gateway P3 600mhz Performance series desktop with 320mb Sdram. I would apreciate any information you can give me about how to overclock my video card. Below are some additional specs on my video card.

    SiSoftware Sandra

    Device Information
    Device Type : VGA Display Adapter
    Device ID : bus 1, device 0, function 0
    OEM Device Name : Nvidia Corp RIVA TNT2 Model 64 [NVM64]
    OEM Hardware ID : FUN_0, VEN_10DE, DEV_002D, REV_15
    Product Device Name : Visiontek RIVA TNT2 Model 64 [NVM64]
    Product Hardware ID : VEN_1545, DEV_0005
    Revision / Stepping : B / 6 (21)

    Power Management Capabilities
    Version : 1.00
    Supports Clock Slow-down : Yes
    Supports D1 PM State : No
    Supports D2 PM State : No
    Supports PME# : No
    Supports PME Clock : No

    AGP Capabilities
    Version : 2.00
    Command Queue Length : 32
    FW Transfers Support : No
    Over 4GB Addressing Support : No
    Side Band Addressing Support : No
    Data Transfer Modes Support : 1x 2x 4x

    Device Properties
    Latency Timer : 248 clocks
    I/O Access : Yes
    Memory Access : Yes
    Bus Master Capable : Yes
    Special Cycle Recognition : No
    Memory Write & Invalidate : No
    VGA Palette Snoop : No
    Parity Error Response : No
    Address/Data Stepping : No
    System Error Line : No
    Fast back-to-back Transactions : No
    Detects Parity Errors : No
    Supports System Error Line : No
    Supports Parity Line : No
    User Defined Format : No
    PCI 66MHz Bus Support : Yes
    New Capability List : Yes
    Device Select Timing : Medium
    Multi-Function Device : No
    Header Type : 00
    Programming Interface : 00

    Hardware Resources
    Memory Address : 16000000
    Memory Address : 14000000
    IRQ Line : 11
    INT Pin : A#
    Dynamic Management : Yes

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    This isn't a guaranteed working fix, but head on over to and look for their GeForce Tweak Utility. A lot of folks have had at least some degree of success with it when using older TNT cards.
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    There is a program called TNTclock just for the TNT look around on may be they still have it or get Rivatuner i havent used it so i dont know if or howit works here is the link

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    I say go for the Rivatuner
    I got my TNT2 to 200 core
    186 ram

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    Coolbits worked on my old TNT2

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    hehe nice but why would you wanan oc that..? =)
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    My TNT2-M64 plays quake just fine
    but its still slow enough to where the O/C actually makes a difference
    it gives me an extra resoloution to play at

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    How about upgrading to a 3dfx Voodoo5-5500 AGP? Then, you could even go to a higher resolution?:smokin:
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    Becuase a Voodoo5 SUCKS. Always has, always will.

    If he really wants an upgrade he should look into a 50$ GF2 Ultra, Pro, or GTS.
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    powerstrip is very good for overclocking your vid card it has a good amount of features
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