Hi guys, I'm all new in here. I hope some of you can help me with my problem.

My 4870x2 is running extremely hot. Yesterday I had the card out of the cabinet but weather or not it has to do with it getting so hot I can't really say since it has been a couple of weeks since I last monitored the heat. I mean, maybe I have done something wrong when I plugged it in again or maybe it has been like this for a week, I can't say.

Right now the card is idleling at 63c with a fanspeed set in Rivatuner to 48%. If I crank it all the way to 100% and wait for 15 minutes it can only get as low as 52c.

When I play, after about 5 minutes the fan automatically sets to 100% and the temp says 95-99c, even though the fan it set to a 100%.

The card is fully plugged into the slot. The 8pin is plugged in and the 6pin is plugged. What I don't get is I have 3 different 6pin. One is labeled "pci express v2", the other is "v3" and the third is labeled "pci express v4". I don't know which 6pin is the correct to use but I have tried them all and it didn't seem to make a difference.

The fan may have a little dust on it, but nothing I would call critically.

This is my cabinet THERMALTAKE ARMOR VA8000BWS

I really hope some of you could come with some ideas, I'm totally lost.
Thanks in advance