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Thread: XFX any good?

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    Default XFX any good?

    I've heard several things about XFX, some good, some not so good.

    But I've never heard anything from a 'reliable' source. I've read reasonably good reviews -- but that might just be that particular card that the reviewer received.

    Does anyone know whether XFX are "good" in the sense of quality, or should I pay more for something like an Asus card?
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    Default Re: XFX any good?

    I have only used one XFX card but it still works today and its a few years old, so with my limited knowledge they are a reliable manufacturer.
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    Default Re: XFX any good?

    The problem that you have heard about is actually nVIDIA's problem with packing substates failing when overheating on older chips assemblies.

    Many companies are replacing these failures "no questions asked" with newer assembly substates and XFX is 1 of the best in this regard that i've heard of.

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    Default Re: XFX any good?

    Yeah, XFX stuff is good - last time I used them was back in the days of AGP 4x or 8x ... I ordered a GT 240 GPU for my HTPC today - only reason I didn't go for another XFX card was due to the Gainward 1gb "Golden Sample" GDDR5 card being only 20 more and so much more for that money.
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    Default Re: XFX any good?

    xfx are good video cards and also they overlock well, use them all the time
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    Default Re: XFX any good?

    Well my xfx 7850 lasted for like a week -_- unexpected shutoff and never came back on... Integrated works doe no OC or anything but I did get an RMA so let's hope that does well... Card when it actually worked ran perfect though! Metro 2033 looks ****ing amazing on max with dx11 :( to bad I have to wait a bit for a new one.

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    Default Re: XFX any good?

    they are poor regarding reliability I don't know why,hope the replacement goes ok for you
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