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Thread: ATI's RADEON 9000 and RADEON 9000 PRO mainstream product now

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    if you can, find out the manufacturer & the exact model & clock speeds if possible. Most LE's have clock speeds in the 230-250 range - however a few companies have produced 183MHz clocked version, you don't want to get stuck with one of those.

    a large portion of LE's will easily OC to retail speeds (275MHz) and above - especially if you do the pencil voltage mod - some LE's are purposely underpowered to prevent them from performing as well as retails.
    there are even custom bios's available so you can permanently set your clocks to what ever you want.

    Just make sure you get recent drivers - the early ones were real POS, especially for XP.

    I would take a Radeon8500 over any GF3 - I recently replaced mine with a GF4Ti4200 in my main box - my 3dmark score only increased by about 3%, but I suspect a fresh windows install and a little tweaking will help that.

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    lol actually i;m not surprised u only got a 3% performance increase...bcos the GF4's are being badly bottlenecked by cpu's :cheers:
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