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Thread: ati 8500 performance

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    I just got an 8500 128mb. My old Radeon VIVO called for a 128mb AGP Aperture in the bios, which seems to work well with the new 8500.

    Are there any other tweaks to get the maximum out of the card or are there any sites I can check?


    - Rama

    BTW, with my VIVO, I found I got better performance out of the pre-Catalyst drivers (build I can't get these to run with the 8500, but the included 6041 drivers give me a 3DMark of 7750. When I get the box imaged, I'll try the Catalyst...

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    I got quite a boost with the 6094"s, right now I'm using the 6118's perfromance seems about the same with these (beta's)

    What are the clocks on yours? these are some articles around on moding LE's into 275/275 clocked (or higher) retail equivalents - it seems that LE's have lower core & memory voltages to prevent them from from OC'ing as well as retails. There are also some custom bios' available so you can have the clocks permanently set to what ever you want. Pretty much all you need is a Voltmeter & a sharp HB pencil. has links to some good tweaking utilities :thumb:

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    hehe yea with the pencil trick often core and memory can hit 300 or more:D
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