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Thread: New dets capped my hl fps

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    ok, i got the 30.82 dets, i was previously using the 29.42 dets. on the 29.42 dets i got 100fps max-the hl cap for fps. Now, with all the same configuration settings for hl, nothing changed there. With the new dets, its capped at 60fps. how do i fix this?
    look to my sig for specs
    Epox 8KHA+
    Volcano 7+
    256mb Crucial PC2100
    330W PSU
    Aopen 56x CDROM
    LiteOn 48x12x48
    Visiontek Geforce2 gts-v 32mb
    Seagate 40GB 7200 RPM
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Razer Boomslang 2000 DPI

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    Head over to and find "RefreshLock" under "Videocard Utilities" in their "Downloads" section as that may help you or there are a few here, . ;)

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    in the console type: fps_max 100
    AMD Thunderbird AXIA 1000MHz @ 1400MHz
    MSI K7T266 Pro2
    Globalwin FOP-38 w/Delta
    1024MB PC2100 DDR (2-2-2)
    Leadtek Geforce 3 TD - 210/500
    Soundblaster Live!
    Plextor 16x10x40x
    20GB WD 7200RPM ATA66
    40GB WD 7200RPM ATA133
    60GB Maxtor 7200RPM ATA100
    Enlight Case / 17" Hansol Monitor

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