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Thread: Mr Wilmot, can you comment with regards to the QUALITY of the recent GTS 450 review

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    Default Mr Wilmot, can you comment with regards to the QUALITY of the recent GTS 450 review

    Mr Wilmot

    Public opinion is overwhelmingly of the opinion that Shane Baxtors recent GTS450 review was either incompetent and extremely poorly conducted and written, or that TweakTown is in Nvidia's pocket.

    The previous thread related to this issue was promptly closed and can be found

    Due to the seriousness of the implications I myself, and I'm sure others, not just in this forum but in many others would very much appreciate YOUR opinion about the quality (Or lack of) of the review in question by Shane Baxtor.

    The reason I request YOUR opinion is because SB's response was inadequate, and so myself and others are able to get a better understanding of the 'official' view/policy with regards to how TweakTown conduct and publish their reviews, and what forms of quality control are in place.

    I hope you have the integrity to answer this post without avoiding the question, or closing/deleting this thread.

    This topic will most likely be put up for discussion elsewhere with a screen shot of the original post.

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    Default Re: Mr Wilmot, can you comment with regards to the QUALITY of the recent GTS 450 revi

    I won't comment on the technical side of things, but to claim that we are in anyone's pocket is damaging and slanderous at best. We have never been paid for a review or any other sort of content. We have been offered, but rejected every time.

    In fact, we have a hard time getting any sort of support from NVIDIA. They don't like us still probably back from the days when we broke all of their NDAs. NVIDIA is a tough company to work with. You guys really go about making bold claims about sites and editors being paid off with no facts, just anger about content. In the business world, you would have your pants sued right off you.

    Itís hard for us to please everyone, but we do our best at trying to do just that. Closing thread.
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd

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