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Thread: Overclocking a Radeon 9000 (250M/400 version) NEED HELP!!

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    Default Re: Overclocking a Radeon 9000 (250M/400 version) NEED HELP!!

    I have a Radeon 9000PRO All-in-Wonder. Personally I find Radclocker the best overclocking utility for Radeons. My card ran 275/540 stock and I easily clocked it to 300/575 with the stock hsf. Now the AIW 9000PRO is a little different from the regular 9000PROs, the core is a bit different and I think it uses better memory becuase even at stock speeds it can render much faster and better than a non-AIW 9000PRO.
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    Default Re: Overclocking a Radeon 9000 (250M/400 version) NEED HELP!!

    Thanks. I'll try it tonight.

    I've got a REALLY weird error right now where explorer.exe won't load. So I'm doing a repair install of XP at the moment.

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