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Thread: 3dmark2001se

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    I'm getting ready to run the tests on my computer what settingsdo you use in the program to test your system ? I tried once and scored 526 yes five hundred and twenty six but that was with my on board video. also does anybody know the list of services to turn of or actually the ones to leave on?:?:

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    What do you mean? I don't really understand the Q...
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    the 3dmarkse has options you can set what options does evry body use and what settings do they use for the os when they run the 3dmarkse:?:

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    What OS are you using? For this post, I'm assuming you have Windows XP.

    In 3dMark2001SE or any benchmarking programs, to keep a constant, use only Default settings. That way you can compare directly to others computers without everyone having to set their 3dMark settings to yours.

    As for what to do with your computer when running the benchmarks:


    Start -> Run -> msconfig -> go to Startup tab and click "Disable All". This will give your computer more resources to work with.


    Make sure your display is set at 1024x768x32.


    According to PersianImmortal's guide on WinXP Tweaking: From Reformat to Relax , these are the recommend services to turn on Automatic, and Disable. Others should be left to Manual.


    Cryptographic Services
    DHCP Client
    DNS Client
    Event Log
    Plug and Play
    Protected Storage
    Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    System Event Notification
    Task Scheduler
    Windows Audio
    Windows Management Instrumentation
    Windows Time


    Automatic Updates (manually update using Internet Explorer>Tools>Windows Update)
    Error Reporting Service
    Fast User Switching Compatibility
    Help and Support
    Human Device Interface Access
    IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
    Indexing Service
    IPSEC Services
    NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
    Network DDE
    Network DDE DSM
    Performance Logs and Alerts
    Portable Media Serial Number
    Print Spooler (Set to Automatic if you have a printer installed)
    Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
    Remote Registry
    Routing and Remote Access
    Secondary Logon
    Security Accounts Manager
    Smart Card
    Smart Card Helper
    System Restore Service
    TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
    Uninterruptible Power Supply
    Upload Manager
    Volume Shadow Copy
    Wireless Zero Configuration
    WMDM PMSP Service
    WMI Performance Adapter

    If you have any problems with your system after it reboots, then try enabling some of them that you think the system may need.

    Make sure you reboot your computer after making only one change (ie: startup disable, reboot, services disable, reboot) to make it easier to pinpoint which group of things you changed caused a problem.


    If your system can handle it, meaning you have a proper cooling solution, and you think your computer can take a little tweaking, it wouldn't hurt to overclock your system a little. This will improve performance across the board.

    I won't go into detail on how to overclock right now, but if you need help, just say so. We'd be glad to give you some pointers.
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    ^^^^ He's got the right idea.
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