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Thread: What happens if two PCI hardware devices are connected to one PCI slot.

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    Default What happens if two PCI hardware devices are connected to one PCI slot.

    Can two PCI hardware devices be connected to one PCI slot (with a PCI splitter/riser) and function properly? crossfire gpu on itx motherboard for example, or an PCI SSD + TV tuner, GPU + Soundcard, etc?

    I realize bandwidth would be split in two.

    I can't find much info on the subject so links or references would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: What happens if two PCI hardware devices are connected to one PCI slot.

    A PCI splitter is made for simple devices. A sound card and maybe a tuner or modem. Adding an SSD to a splitter would negate any benefits of having an ssd by forcing it to run on half the potential bandwidth. Due to the features of an ssd I wouldn't suggest doing this even if it did run at full speed. The command for the second device may interfere with controlling the sdd shortening its life span or out right kill it. Just and all around bad idea to even attempt.

    The answer to your crossfire question. that is is a big NO. Crossfire is dependent upon the chipset and the assigned INDIVIDUAL pci-e slots. This means that crossfire capable pathways are hardwired into the board. To even attempt this is again an all around bad idea and you may end up with two dead gpus.

    If you need these features then go ahead and spend the money on a board with these features. trying to force a board that doesn't naturally have them will end in a disaster and you will end up spending more money in the long run.

    PCI Splitters we made for old devices that either didnt have enough or were in a SFF and used a pci riser to change the angle of the pci slots from vertical to horizontal. The main wording here is PCI vs PCI-E. PCI-E is needed for crossfire and I am unaware of a pci-e splitter.

    Good luck and dont try this.

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