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Thread: Using two video cards on one box

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    PCI video cards are becoming harder and harder to find. I could be worth checking out places like eBay for people getting rid of their old cards though... Or you might be able to find someone selling some old GF2 MX PCI cards....

    Just checked the Pricegrabber site.. There's a whole heap of PCI video cards there.. depending on your budget, you could get a GF4 MX PCI. :)

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    I am not sure about hte NT kernel based windows o/s's but I know that if you want dual need to install the PCI first....then install the AGP card. Other wise it will not work! I had many ppl call me about this when I worked for Dell, and they were upset they could not get PCI and AGP to work in the same box. But this worked...

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    that's questionable... In my old Win98 PC I had my GF3.. I stuck in a PCI Matrox Mystique beside it and it ran fine...

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    I still say the Voodoo!
    Even though they arent still around, you can still support them :D
    My Voodooo 3 is still being used, better than an onboard i810 :p

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    Just an Idea.... Why not use a new card that supports twin view<be it Hydra-Vision or nView>

    I use this on my compuer at work. I stuck my old Radeon 8500LE in my work computer and I keep my mailbox, AIM, and Winamp open on an old 17" monitor and what ever spreadsheet or webpage I'm working on at the time on my LCD. Works like a champ. I might also add that it games like a champ for a 1.1 Celeron with 256 of sdr. Not like IT is gonna come yell at me or anything I work in IT :thumb:

    I do the same @ home too with my GigaByte 9700. Game and what not on my 17" LCD and keep mail, AIM, winamp, and a few other things open on my old 17" Sony. That is, unless the game I'm playing supports multiple monitors...:D

    I suppose I should get a new MB for my computer as I'm wasting a whole 4x of AGP power right now. Hehe ... Time to build


    [edit] As a note... the work machine was a 98se is now a 2kPro. My home Box is XP-Pro[/edit]
    Intel C2D 6750 @ 3.31
    Gigabyte P35-DS4 rev.2
    4x 1gb Geil Esoteria 1066
    Asus x800 XTX, Gateway 21" FPD2185W
    Saphire x1300, 2x Sony SDM-V72W
    74gb WD, 4x 250gb WD Raid-10
    16x Pioneer DVD Slot, Plextor PX-716AL Slot
    Audigy2 ZS Plat. Pro

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