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Thread: The ultimate top five APG x4/x8 cards on the market today 2013

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    Default The ultimate top five APG x4/x8 cards on the market today 2013

    Dear Sirs,

    Please can you assist me in providing a top five or ten (if someone is willing to go that deep) of APG graphics cards for 2013.

    I know before you ask APG are old cards that has more than likely been discontinued by most/all manufacturers. However, my motherboard (an AsRock 775i65g R3.0) can only utilise APG cards x4/x8 1.5v or less volts.

    But on the plus side, if there is one, any APG card in the world will work, so AsRock have told me.

    I have looked on this site and other sites for two days now using the internet, but when I think I'm getting somewhere, PCI or PCI-e cards show up.

    I have little knowledge about these devices, so the ultimate top five/ten list (with estimated costs and are obtainable), would assist me greatly.

    I would prefer the list not to be specific (i.e Performance Based or Other Based), but if made up as the ultimate middle-of-the-road 'all rounders'.

    Kind regards and thank you for anyone's contribution to my request.

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    Default Re: The ultimate top five APG x4/x8 cards on the market today 2013

    the last agp card I bought was a HIS 4670 iceq version with hdmi output. its not very powerful.. plus whenever I would try to use the HD audio it would get an IRQ conflict and start using up 10-30 cpu% at idle.. I was using an old NF3 based mobo and the bios did not have anything coded to handle more than 1 device on the irq for the video card.. well this agp card has a 2nd buildin audio device, so the bios would try to assign it to a 2nd physical irq (even though the vga was on a diff physcial one.. which in turn caused the processing overhead..

    I googled around and found a post from a very intelligent person who goes by the name ARTBIO.. he laid out a procedure to dis assemble the bios into source, modify it to include a 2nd device for the agp irq assignment, re-assemble and then reflash the bios..

    Despite my best efforts, I got it to work.. but the limited bandwidth of the agp bus created nasty distortion and squealing noises when pushing video thru it. So after all that, I ended up disabling the hd audio and installed a sound blaster xfi elite pro audio card.. works alot better that way...

    Being that the 4670 was one of the last agp cards to be marketed, I would assume that it would also be one of the faster cards used for this slot... (but by todays standards its woefully under powered) they also marketed a pcie version too..

    So theres my two cents worth.. HIS 4670 iceq.

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