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Thread: Issues with Nvidia Video Cards - GTX560/460

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    Default Issues with Nvidia Video Cards - GTX560/460

    Hi fellow TweakTown Forum users,
    This thread is posted in regards to GTX 560/460 issues. The reason I am creating this thread is just to make other people, who may be having the same issues aware that there is a solution.

    Background Story and looking for a solution
    In a secondary build, I was assembling recently I was installing a Gigabyte GTX560SOC Video card (GV-N56GSO-1GI) however I started having random computer freezes when internet browsing for long periods of time. Initially I had no idea what the problem was - so I was reinstalling drivers/driver updates, even reinstalled windows, tried updating the bios on the motherboard - none of that worked so it came to the point were I started swapping out components and even purchased a new power supply, which turns out was not even the problem.

    Isolating the problem
    Finally after checking the Windows "Event viewer" which logs system issues, I started dealing with the issues one by one and it helped me narrow down the issue I was having to the nvidia video card driver crashing. I then did a search on the internet and found that it seems to be a common problem with the newly release GTX 560/460 nvidia drivers/software package.

    So, finally the solution....
    To fix the issue, I uninstalled the most recent Nvidia card drivers that I had been using. I located the disk that came with the graphics card and installed the original drivers the card came with the card. What do you know - the problem was solved many hours and lots of money down the drain.

    I just hope this post is able to help others so that they do not have to go down the same path. Who knows how many people might RMA their video card when there is such a simple fix (before I had isolated the problem, the next step I was considering was to RMA the video card to Gigabyte - but it turns out it's not the card at all).

    So, what's the most stable Nvidia Driver release for these cards?
    Currently, due to the fact I installed the original driver that came with the card I am using Nvidia 280.40 release. However, I have read generally the most stable release seems to be 314.22.

    It would be great to see how other people have been addressing this issue. If anyone has found any other solutions, please post them in this thread.

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    Default Re: Issues with Nvidia Video Cards - GTX560/460

    Nice read. I had a GTX 460 previously before my current r7870. One thing to keep in mind, manufactures (be it msi, or gigabyte, evga etc...) have differing bios revisions. These revisions can be prone to work with certain drivers better than others because clocks and fan speeds interact to a degree with these drivers --- which is why reference cards have less issues generally speaking. Moreover, sometimes with these OEM cards a bios update is needed. Also remember the "latest" is not always the best. I learned that over many years of tweaking and pushing systems with various brands of hardware. Mostly I'm speaking about software (drivers specifically). Right now I'm still running 13.4 cats with the r7870 as I tend to stay about 2-3-4 driver revisions behind, and for good reason too!
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