I picked up a Gigabyte GV-N780OC-3GD REV2.0 780GTX based card a few months ago.

The other day I figured I'd pick up another one just to see what SLI mode would do for most of the games I like to play.

The cards both indicate they have the F52 BIOS, but I also see an F61 and F71 BIOS on the Gigabyte website. However, there is also a note that says Samsung RAM for the F61 and Hynix (sp) RAM for the F71 BIOSes.

When I run the OC tool from Gigabyte, it clearly inicates that both cards have the F52 BIOS, but the BIOS revisions are show different numbers.

I did experience a blue screen of death when running GPU-Z, and I'm wondering if I need to somehow update the firmware to run SLI properly?

Another question.... should I have the monitors pulgged into each card (I have two, but only use one for gaming)?