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Thread: what the %^&*-

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    Im lost ok let me start from the beggining, i have a gforce2mx400 g-card and every site i go to that says anything about the mhz says that the standard is around 175 core and and 166 mem
    but i have just got the o/c tool and it says my card is running at 175mhz core and 334 mhz memory ? can someone tell me whats going on? and if this is high (i dont know i dont overclock things) you will be suprised to know it didnt come with a fan? so i made my own (becouse it was too hot to touch) any info would be great even if u wanna nelson me (HA HAAA)

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    your card likely has 64bit 6ns DDR ram

    166Mhz DDR = 334 MHz effective

    it's roughly equivalent to 128bit 6ns SDR ram @ 166MHz

    I know both creative & powercolor have made cards like this - and I'm sure others have as well.

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    The original specs from nVidia called for either 64-bit DDR or 128-bit SDR SDRAM - they equate roughly to the same performance :)
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