I just received a new mining rig. It's a 10-GPU open air mining rig utilizing 10x Gigabyte P104-100 4GB mining card. Currently the system gets up to 400MH/s mining Ethereum ETH using Claymore V11. Super easy to set-up. I got the rig up & running within 30 mins.

Upon full mining load, the ASUS P104 cards tops out at around 55'C, and uses 140W. Not bad for 40MH/s per card. Nvidia cards are much more efficient at mining Ethereum compared to AMD, esp considering MH/Watt efficiency.

Here is where I purchased my rig:
BITNAND SHOP | The Ultimate Marketplace for Mining Equipment

The ASUS P104 cards I am using (double fan, large cooler):
ASUS P104-100 Mining GPU - Album on Imgur
My 400MH/s Ethereum Mining Rig - P104 GPU-asus-p104-100-jpg