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Thread: Visiontek Xtasy Ti4200 Heatsink removal

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    I have recently ordered the new Thermaltake GeForce 4 Copper Heatsink/Fan Cooler for my Ti4200 Card. I broke the fan on the heatsink that is attached to the card (why I needed a new one).
    I believe the heatsink is glued onto the card, as there are no screws going from the heatsink to the card. I dont want to remove it and damage the card, so if anyone could give me some advice on how to remove glued on heatsinks or give me a link to a this general information or specifically abou this card I would be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

    P.S. The heatsink is aluminium and round, similar to the thermaltake blue orb, but not as tall. the fan has been removed because its broke and was attached to the heatsink by 3 screws.

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    The only reason I am replying is because I (fortunately) removed my Visiontek Ti4200 heatsink off without any problem. Hope you will have the same luck I did.

    I tried prying on the heatsink from all directions and it actually felt like you could break the circuit board if you pried any harder,
    then I remembered reading an article a while back about taking off a pentium heatsink that was glued on.

    They put it in the freezer for an hour or maybe more. So I tried that with my Geforce. It worked like a charm. I put about the same amount (or a little less) of prying force on the card as before and it popped off like a charm. ( I was using one of the strips of metal that blocks empty PCI slots on the back of computer case for a pry-bar---semed like it might bend before I put enough pressure on anything to break it.)

    Getting the glue off was a different issue. Maybe there is some kind of solvent that will remove it, but I tried alcohol and lighter fluid without much luck. I ended up gently scraping a little off with a razor blade, but had the best luck with sandpaper (like 320 or 600 grit, I think). Be very careful to use some kind of flat backing on your paper, or something. If you just hold the paper with your finger, the pressure on the paper will be uneven, and your GPU will no longer be flat (then the heatsink won't make good contact). You could refer to some web articles on lapping processors.

    PS-------------------VERY IMPORTANT------------------
    be careful when prying that you don't pry against any of the circuit board components, or you will crush them, and your card will be trashed.
    Also watch them when you are sanding. I was a little worried I sanded a bit too much off of mine, but it works fine. It is difficult not to rock your sandpaper while sanding.
    Good Luck,
    Let us know how it went!
    AMD 1600+ (@~1600mhz) AGOIA stepping
    ABIT KT7a RAID v 1.1
    768 meg PC133 SDRAM
    Visiontek Xtasy Ti4200 128meg
    Windows XP Pro

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    I tried the freezer trick and it worked great. I used some pliers and a small chisel and hammer to get it off, it was way worth it though, with the thermaltake gf4 copper its running 20 degrees F cooler, alot better performance in Mafia. Thanks.

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