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Thread: re-format questions....

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    I just bought a 9500 pro and it just happens to be time to re-format so I'm going to do it tonight. Before I do, I have some questions.

    should I go with the Cat 3.0 drivers or 2.5's?
    DX 8.1 or DX9? I am looking for stability vs. a few 3Dmark points. Will DX9 hurt me because it is new? Or since my card is a DX9 card, it should be just fine?

    installation order is like this?:
    1. Windows 2k PRO sp3
    2. chipset
    3. video card
    4. audio card
    5. DX 8.1 or 9.0
    6. ATA strorage drivers
    7. software

    anyone have any modifications to that order?

    can I keep WIN2K Pro from initially installing DX8.1 if I have DX9 on a disk to load from?

    any age old re-format tips to share? (don't be gentle, I can take it).

    my system:
    p4/1.7/423 skt
    Intel 850 GB mobo
    1 gig PC800 RD RAM
    9500 Pro video
    Audigy Platinum
    2 x 40GB IBM deskstars

    So far the 9500 pro has been good, I seem to get a few more screen flickers and extra border lines around the edges, but once the games start, the image is perfect.


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    I updated to DX9 and ran the 3D test again (CAT 3.0 drivers):

    9075 points

    a little lower than my DX8.1 score of 9118

    I do notice that the out of game screen glitches are no longer happening, now the 9500 pro is as stable as my GF3Ti200 was.

    Now I know that DX9 is the version for me!

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    Yes DX9 takes a bit of a hit in 3DMark '01 but the new DX9 version of that test should be out soon. ;)

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    I installed the Intel chipset utility and the Application Accelerator, I got a 9080.

    I also found this "installation order" for drivers for my mobo.

    I have yet to re-format though, I'm trying all this stuff out now.

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