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Thread: geforce 3 Ti 500 (Tv out problems)

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    thomson1968 Guest


    I have a creative 3D graphics blaster -geforce 3 Ti 500.
    I just bought a s-vhs (super vhs) cable in order to hook the pc to my Tv and play movies etc, BUT !!!!!
    Here's the problem,
    When I can manage to get any kind of pic on my Tv screen it usually starts to roll and then the pic just kinda scrambles and thats it,,, I have to re-boot pc etc to start again.
    What I have noticed sometimes though is that if I start the pc in safe mode then the pic will stay on the TV screen although it looks crap and all out of line.
    You may think that would indicate a driver problem then cause safe mode stays alive,, but whats strange is that I've tried a few drivers, new ones and slightly older ones,, i have installed them all in the correct manner i,e - uninstall first then re-install etc,, but they all act the same crappy way.
    Another crazy thing is that in the display properties in the geforce section (control panel), I cant adjust the settings from analog monitor (pc) to TV, its all greyed out in that area and i cant physically change it (cant click on it).
    The only way I can get any kind of pic on the TV is to unplug my pc monitor and leave the TV in on its own and then re-boot the computer, thats the only way a pic will appear on the tv, safe mode or no safe mode.
    Correct me If iam wrong,, but should I not be able to run two seperate screens (monitor and TV) with this type of video card ???
    And another thing I should say is that my TV is a bit of ok too, has s-vhs and all too.
    Maybe its got something to do with some setting somewhere, I'am not sure cause I'am new to using a Tv as a second monitor.
    Anyone any Idea's ?????? cheers for now,

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    Wasn't that long ago that I posted this link for some one else on this site ... but here it is again:

    Not sure how much help it'll be but it was the most comprehensive t.v. out page I was able to find when I was setting up my t.v. out.

    It's been my experience that you will prolly want to get a separate dvd player for the t.v. in the future but it is kind of cool to be able to watch the same program on two screens at once. (or surf on one screen and watch internet t.v. on the other).

    Good Luck!
    Edit : just reread your post .... are you trying to run the t.v. at the same resolution as your monitor?
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    thomson1968 Guest


    i know tv's cant handle same re's as pc monitors,,, but i dont know much else about tv out etc.

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