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Thread: Video card..?

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    i can get a ATI (not saphire) 9100 w/ 128MB for $140CAD

    Radeon 9100 128M DDR, VGA, DVI, TV-O, AGP4x ( OEM /retail ) $140/

    it is from Atic

    i am leaning towards a 128MB card. are ATI boards clocked faster than Saphire's?

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    Generally I prefer a "built-by-ATi" card to any third party card - my 9700pro is a "built-by" - I think they generally have the least problems.

    that being said - I didn't know ATi produced their own 9100's - I've only ever seen 3rd party boards - & their wesite doesn't list it either. My supplier is an ATi partner as well & he doesn't know anything about them.

    Call these guys up and ask them what the clocks are - I wouldn't buy any Radeon with out finding out exactly what the clocks are first. ATi has been known to produce OEM cards with lower clocks in the past

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    ok, i'll check with the store and see what they say.

    thanks for being so helpful!


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    The 5800 may not even br coming out(rumors of it). But if it does it should have a 500/1GHz speed. Thats about 200/300 faster then the ATI9700 PRO level 1.
    What?? Hmmm... I think you should read this article written by John Carmack about the R300 vs the FX - Enjoy..

    My advice would be buy a 9700Pro when the R350 comes out, the price will drop quite a bit, then wait for the NV40 in 2004. That's gonna be a kick a$$ card. :)
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