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Thread: Update To Msi Broken Videocard

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    Well as some of you may remmember, I had a problem when I replaced the hs/f on my MSI GF 4 ti4200. I cleaned it the best I could befor I sent it to msi. I used many qtips and some nail polish remover to get all the thermal grease out. When I was done it looked pretty much stock except the fan connector on the board was all torn up, it was obvious that the connector was tampared with. Today, a week after sending it in, I checked on the status of my RMA. The guy told me that they REPLACED the card and are packing it today and I should recive the card within this week. AMAZING! I was expecting to have to buy another video card, I was saving up money to get a FX or 9700, but now I dont need it, instead Im going to buy the MSI nforce2 board and a AMD THBRED B CPU.
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    I don't think they inspect dead boards too hard - I've had some motherboards replaced that I thought would be turned down for sure - It's probably cheaper to replace them than it is to pay somebody to really look at them:shh:

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    You may be right, but to pay somebody to just give the boards a glance? I think that would save them money.
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    Not when ya got a large amount of RMA's comming through like MSI's had as of late (speaking from experience, have sent in over 100 motherboards back in the last year outta 500 that I purchased).

    But the same bodes true for most companies. Quick glance for any physical signs of damage (eg., direct lightning strike (indirect won't cause (9 times of 10) burning on the board, but a direct lightning strike will)... Or any other obvious signs of damage related to some sort of "act of god" or tampering by the end-user. I can see 'em replacing it if it looked like stock (even if the fan connector was a little buggered... afterall, ya have to figure, sometimes they can get a little buggered if ya got wires all over the place like a lotta folk do, or if you have a card in the next pci slot).
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    Man, what is it with these manufactures, It seems like they all operate much the same way. Browsing around this board Ive heard good and bad about the same companies over and over again. Sucide, u really are against MSI, but I have had nothing but good therfore I will continue to buy from them untill I dont like what Im getting. What Im trying to get it is that all manufactures are good and yet bad, is there anyone out there that is all good? Ofcouse, I hate ASUS, they are suppoused to ge "all good" but i know plenty of people who have problems with there products and horid support. I guess its because they are a GIANT like abit and gigabite compared to comps like MSI and Albatron. I think there needs to be a review of all the manufactures to come to a conclusion, maybe a tweak town report would cover this, that is if they ever move to a better server -geez, to once and for all figure out who might not be the best manufacture to buy from because that is just to narrow but maybe, "when it comes to pure quality at an expensive tag go with **** but wait u get the same quality form the smaller manufacture ***** yet it cost less" A verry indepth review of board manufactures is most definetly in need of looking over. Maybe I should start a new thread with a poll to see if this is a good idea.
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