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Thread: Albatron’s Gigi GeForce FX5800 set to make a big splash in t

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    Feb. 2003 - Albatron Technology announced its latest graphics accelerator, the Gigi GeForce FX5800, featuring nVIDIA’s highly touted GeForce FX5800 chipset otherwise known as the NV30. Albatron rolls out this card with an impressive lineup of lightning fast components including DDR II memory and AGP 8X. The DDR II memory interface comes with 128 MB and can clock up to 800 MHz. The GPU core clock is rated at 400 MHz and is designed with a 0.13-micron architecture which increases performance. In addition to performance factors, Albatron design the brand new image of butterfly-girl named ‘Gigi’. This image will put on the color box of product’s and all of other promotion issues.

    The FX5800 supports AGP8X which virtually doubles the bandwidth and performance of predecessor AGP4X based cards. The GPU (NV30) boasts its compatibility with important VGA standards including DX9.0 compatibility and OpenGL1.4 support, and the GPU technology includes a sophisticated suite of software features including the Intellisample Technology, an anti-aliasing technology which provides unprecedented performance rivaling aliased modes. The CineFX™ Engine provides Pixel and Vertex shaders capable of stunning visual displays and film-quality special effects. The Cg Compiler provides developers with development tools and the professional library designed to make programming applications easy and efficient.

    Other features include an integrated NTSC/PAL TV encoder supporting resolutions up to 1024x768. Also a DVI port is also included which can handle large display resolutions up to 2048x1536x32bpp (@85Hz). D-Sub, DVI TV-out or VIVO ports also enrich the functionality and versatility of this card.

    Albatron, yet again pushes the limits of graphics functionality coming out with the world’s first graphics card with a DDR2 interface. Speed and power along with heavy duty cooling facilities makes this card a sure contender for the top stop. The FX5800 promises to make a significant impact in the market and fuel the gaming market to rise to new levels of graphical imagery and performance.
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    i thought this line of cards was pulled from the market buy nvidia recently, i might be wrong. Anywho, if they didnt, i garantee my overclocked 9700 pro could woop some ass cbass!

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    Apparently, they are making enough cards to fulfill pre-order sales. Maybe a few extra... I think I am going to camp on my 9700Pro until the R400 comes out, then camp on that until the NV40. :)

    ((But, that Chaintech FX Ultra looked super bad-a$$ :)))
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