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Thread: TV Tuner Cards

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    Hey All,

    I have recently decided to make the purchase of a TV Tuner card, but came across a question that has been hard to find an answer on reviews and MB's. Without regard to money (but still trying to keep in mind I don't want to spend a bucket load of cash), are there any cards on the market that do Digital Television?

    I know most do Antenna and Cable channel selections but what about Digital Television. I am from Australia, (not that it makes a difference seeing as I could order from anywhere I guess) and am running an AMD 1700+ XP, 256 MB RAM, 100GB HDD, Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro... I am not looking for a replacement video card, just the TV/FM Tuner card with Capture abilities and Digitial Television option.

    Does anyone know of such a card, or any reviews they can point me to, or places selling them?

    Thank in advance

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    don't know about Capturing Digital,but you could post a message here

    I just setup a Radeon AIW 7500 yesterday and so afr I'm impressed.Now need to see about getting the rest of the pieces for my PVR project

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    This one's about $400us. Some cheaper ones are supposed to be coming out soon too.

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    <a href="">Here is a good site for TV tuner cards</a> It is where i bought mine and it works great. They also offer cards with digital support

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