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Thread: better performance

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    i overclocked this card (geforce 2 MX200) to core 207 and mem 173, from its stock speed. this is the most i can get out of this card without artifacts and glitches. Im still not gettin very good performance on this card though. for better performance should i turn down the core and up the memory or up the memory and down the core? I can get away with both but not sure which is better. Im not expecting miracles as this is a very low end card these days. thanks

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    I don't know why ya'd want to even try and overclock that doublely memory crippled card. :confused:

    For a small outlay ya can get a quality R9000 (make sure that ya don't get a memory crippled one though) that will wipe the floor with ya present one, jump on it a few times and then kick it out the door plus have support for DX8. ;)

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    I had that same exact card... In short it's terrible. Nothin I did could improve it's suckiness. Right now I have a Gefore 3 ti200 128 DDR and I am extremely pleased with it :O). My suggestion is to get a new card period. There is nothing you can do to make that POS card worth anything more than a stomping...

    Hope I helped :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    OC'ing you're video memory will give you the best boost w/that card - but you really don't have much to work with there your nickels and dimes and get a Radeon9100:thumb:

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    You can probably OC ur mx 200 pretty far, but you should make sure to have enough voltage available on your PS. In addition, you might want to purchase a case fan (or a better one if you have one already)...Also, get a better fan for the card, unless you want it to fry beyond recognition.
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    truth is this peice doesnt have any cooling but a little plastic heatsink. i should just do myself a favour and get a whole new card. my case cooling is pretty decent anyways. 20 degrees C with just a stock fan. gotta love canadian winters in a basement.

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