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Thread: AGP 8x vs. 4x card

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    Dec 2002


    Quick question: Can I stick an 8x GeForce Ti4200 in a Asus BH7 motherboard with only a 4x AGP slot or am I going to have a new trophy for the wall o' cooked hardware?

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    Feb 2003


    I am 99% sure that you could do that :O) Say you have a 4x AGP card, you can stick it in your mobo, even if your mobo only supports 2x. So then it will just run it at 2x :O) Why bother getting 8x though if your motherboard only supports 4x? A 4x ti4200 card would be significantly cheaper than the 8x you know!

    BTW: I was gonna get a ti4200 card, but I decided on this Geforce 3, which is practically the same thing :afro: (Me and my friend benchmarked UT03, and we got about the same FPS; give or take 2 or 3. With my Geforce 3 ti200 128DDR, and his Geforce 4 ti4200 128 DDR!)

    Just because something say's Geforce 4 doesn't mean it's good, contrary to popular belief :eek:
    [Mobo] Asus A7N8X w/ Modified 1003 Uber BIOS w/ Custom Boot logo
    [CPU] Athlon XP 2200+ Thoroughbred
    [Memory] 512 Samsung PC3200 DDR400 w/ Copper Heatsink(s)
    [Video Card] Geforce 3 ti200 128 DDR Special Gold Edition

    [Case] All aluminum Skyhawk case w/ custom cut blowhole
    [HSF] Volcano 11 Xaser Edition
    [Northbridge] ThermalTake Crystal Orb
    [Southbridge] Aluminum Northbridge heatsink attatched

    Operating System:
    [OS] Windows XP Pro w/ SP1

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    My real question is the voltage difference. The 8x runs at 0.7v or 1.5v and the 4x runs at 1.5v. Will the GF4 Ti4200 run at 1.5v without meltdown?

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    So long as the mobo and video card have one common protocol (4x in your case) then ya'll have no probs with it. ;)

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    Got my 8x Ti4200 running just fine in a 4x Intel board... and lovin it!

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    Thanks, after more searching I found on another website that the Ti4200 supports all three standards.

    Thanks again; I knew I would get a good answer out of this forum. Always have, always will.

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    I have a Ti 4600 128 4X 1.5v running in an Asus A7N8X 8X support AGP Pro motherboard and lovin it lots it is.
    Lian LI PC60
    (2 intake 80mm ADDA/3
    exhaust 80mm ADDA)
    EG465P-VE Enermax Dual fan PSU 465watt
    Asus A7N8X Dx ver2.0 C1007 latest bios
    AthlonXp 3200+ Barton
    Xms Corsair 3700PT TwinX paired [email protected]
    200mhz X 11.0 = 2.205GIG
    creative audigy 2
    Asus V8460 U Ti 4600 Dx
    CPU full load 28C
    Case full load 24C
    Western D HDD 120gb
    XP Professional current best- crap
    11682 marks=xp best performance settings @ 2500+ 166mhz x 11.0X = 1.83GIG

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