Thx Darth,

I have jumped my memory up a little and I get that ambient pixel distortions in UT2K3? It's kind of like random pixels flashing in the background, kind of like snow? So I had to back it off a notch? Any suggestions? My Bios settings are such: VCore-1.550, FSB 170mhz w/18 multiplier, AGP Volt-1.5, DDR Volt-2.6. I upped the AGP to 1.6 and I had distortion problems at desktop? Could it be my drivers holding me back? Hmm...

Oh and Mayo, If I'm correct, your Ram is automatically overclocked when you OC your CPU, at least on my Bios. When I increased my FSB, my Ram mhz would also go up automatically, and that's why I bought such great Ram. :laugh: