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Thread: Anti-Aliasing/Anisotropic Settings?

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    Under the Advanced Settings in the ATI control panel, what should the Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic be set at? Or what are the best settings for performance? 2X, 4X, 6X, which one for the Anti-aliasing? And which one on the Anisotropic, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X? :confused: Anyone know?

    <center>| Processor: P4 2.4B OCed @ 3.2Ghz | MoBo: Albatron PX845PE Pro II |
    | OS: Windows XP Pro | RAM: OCZ 512MB PC3500 OCed @ 445 mhz |
    | Graphics: Radeon ATI 9700 Pro @ 395/345 | Temp: 32C normal, 35C full |
    | 3DMark2001: 18094 | 3DMARK03: 5763 | PCMARK02: Score |
    | Sound: SB Live 5.1 | Cooling: Thermaltake Volcano 7+ HSF |
    | PSU: Antec TrueBlue 480W | Mouse: Logitech MX300 |</center>

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    I myself would not put on more than 2 times anti aliasing and 4times anistrophic as i like performance:thumb: but just try them all out as its all personal preference:thumb:
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    Since you have a Radeon 9700 pro, jack it up to 4x AA and 16X AF.
    Your graphic card can handle it, and you wont notice the drop in frame rates as your eyes can only notice 60 frames per sec. Plus you get beautiful silky smooth graphics :cheers:

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