Really could use some help with this one. Let me detail my system first.
XP Pro
1.3 gig Athlon
640 megs
Built in sound
PC Chips M810L v5.0 mobo
PC Tel HPS56k MR Modem
300 watt PS, 165 TCO over 3.3v/5v
KDS Visual Sensations 190is Monitor

Any other info just ask. Anyhow, I bought a PNY gef4 ti-4200 last year. Worked great. Twice however, it fried on me. Wasnt even using it at the time that it died both times. Last RMA I got back last week was a newer version, g4 ti-4200 with 8x AGP. I was using WIndows 98 SE before. I switched to XP Pro in the last 2 weeks. When I first put the card into the machine it booted fine. Got up to windows and the part where it drops you into XP and the graphics were leaving tracers as well as garbled text, had to move windows around for awhile to be able to see what they said. So I went ahead and installed the new drivers. Crash, before it even installed them completely. Rebooted, crashed before it got into XP, the screen flashed twice and dropped to standby mode on the monitor. Rebooted, went thru last known good restore point, and reinstalled it again. Anyhow to make this a bit shorter, the problems are universal for me, XP and WIndows 98SE. Installed a fresh copy of 98 on an older HD and tried it. Same results. Cept on the 98 it allows me to install the drivers, and reboot automatically, but when it came back up it would hang or freeze. I did get into XP twice to play and test the card on JK2 Jedi Outcast and Ravenshield and it was great. But then id reboot and it would do the same things, monitor in standby mode or freeze. Spoken to PNY numerous times, tried everything conceivable. Tech at PNY told me power supply is fine for what im running including the card. Ive installed the drivers under safe mode and everything else. Ive flashed my BIOS (before the last card went bad tho and it worked fine then), gotten all of the new drivers for my AGP on the mobo. My AGP port is 2.0 compliant which is what it needs. And im totally clueless. Its a driver problem of some kind I think and ive tried drivers all the way back to 30.82. ANy ideas? Im stumped.