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Thread: Can someone explain to me the difference in the new GE Force

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    OK, I asked this question in another forum, but I am thinking about buying one of these newer GeForce FX cards, but am really confused as to which is the pro series and which is gonna be the home series! Please go to this address and read my thread that I posted in another forum it will explain what I mean. You can post your reply here. Thanks.

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    Well thats what PR departments are for, confusing consumers....

    Well here goes.

    Quadro FX - Professional users
    Geforce FX - consumers

    Geforce FX 5800 Ultra - Super hardcore gaming freaks
    Geforce FX 5800 - Hardcore gamers
    Geforce FX 5600 Ultra*- Mainstream gamers with much money
    Geforce FX 5600 - Mainstream gamers with less money
    Geforce FX 5200 Ultra - People who game a little bit, not much
    Geforce FX 5200 - Office use, they're to slow to play games with.

    *I think there is one, but not sure. Maybe its a 5600 with 256 MB. Still to be announced, its at the NV website however.

    Now why are these cards different priced? They are the same core.

    Thats why thats not entirely true. The FX 5800 Ultra is running at the highest speed capable of the GPU. And there for has low yields (chips that can reach the right frequencie) Low yields make chips expensive. (and a number of other factors of course)

    The FX 5800 is cheaper because it is lower clocked, and thus has more yields. The FX 5600 Ultra is again slower clocked than the 5800 and doesn't have DDR-II, thus making it cheaper. The FX 5600 is again slower clocked.

    The FX 5200 doesn't have DDR-II nor does it have the advanced Intellisample Anti aliassing technologie*. Because of this the number of transistors is reduced, making it cheaper. The FX 5200 is (guess :) ) , its slower clocked.

    *The FX 5200 (and ULtra) uses Accuview AA, same as on Geforce 4 TI and MX)

    And because of these differences there are price differences.

    Now this is a list of preformance in Geforce cards, its out of my head, and a bit guessed. (don't flame me for mistakes)

    Best preformance till slowest preformance.

    Geforce FX 5800 Ultra
    Geforce FX 5800
    Geforce FX 5600
    Geforce 4 TI 4600
    Geforce 4 TI 4400
    Geforce 4 TI 4200
    Geforce 4 MX 460
    Geforce FX 5200 Ultra
    Geforce MX 440
    Geforce FX 5200
    Geforce MX 420

    I hope its correct, thought I'm not sure about TI 4400/4600/5600 preformance.

    You said you would like a card with equal preformance of a TI 4200, well thats the FX 5600.

    I hope I answerd your question adequatly, more questions, post them.


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    Consumer range

    New range

    Geforce FX5900 Ultra
    Geforce FX5900
    Geforce FX5600 256mb
    Geforce FX5600 Ultra
    Geforce FX5600
    Geforce FX5200 Ultra
    Geforce FX5200

    Current range

    Geforce FX5800 Ultra
    Geforce FX5800
    Geforce 4 4800
    Geforce 4 4800SE
    Geforce 4 4200
    GeForce4 MX440

    Earlier models

    Geforce 4 4600ti*
    Geforce 4 4400ti*
    Geforce 4 4200ti*
    Geforce 4 MX460*
    Geforce 4 MX440*
    Geforce 4 MX420*

    Professional range

    Quadro FX 3000
    Quadro FX 2000
    Quadro FX 1000

    Quadro 4 980 XGL
    Quadro 4 580 XGL
    Quadro 4 380 XGL

    Quadro 4 900 XGL*
    Quadro 4 750 XGL*
    Quadro 4 700 XGL*
    Quadro 4 550 XGL*

    All cards AGP8X except those marked with* which are AGP4X

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    I would advise you to get a ATi card at the moment, they offer far better performance for your money compared to Nvidia cards. If you want something close to a Ti4200 get the Radeon 9500 Pro or 9600 Pro. If you want to stick with a Geforce, the Ti 4200 is better value compared to FX 5600 Ultra, offers much the same performance for a lower price plus it overclocks well. I would stay away from FX series until the next lot comes with the release of the NV35 because the current models suck~!

    Any by the way the Ti4600 will outperform FX 5600 cards by a fair margin unless AA and AF is turned on.

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    Thanks for clearing that up! With all of those models going makes your head spin! It is a lot clearer now though with the explanations you guys gave. Thanks!

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