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Thread: comparison, fx vs ti (value for money)

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    does anyone have like a comparison sheet where i can see how the fx gpu cards are doing against the ti's..

    the nvidia web site sucks, i can't find the difference between ultra and regular cards, its just not there...

    i wanna know, where fx5600 ultra stands in terms of a ti (ie is it the dx9 equivalent of ti4200) or are the two gpu's simply incomparable???

    funny thing is, a ti4600 is like 225 euros and so is an fx5600, which one is better value for money??
    sorry for the long post
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    thnx in advance for replies
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    I just use the graphs at Tom's Hardware:

    <a href="" target="_blank">Cards up to 9700 Pro</a>
    <a href="" target="_blank">Recent card comparison (GF4Ti / GF FX / ATi 9xxx)</a>

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    alright now dont quote me on any of this, so much to keep track of, but my understanding is that FX series (5200-5800) are all DX9 compliant, whereas ur ti4600 isnt...given a choice id get the fx hands downjust my :2cents:
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    hope this helps

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    If you want the best card in your price range get and Radeon 9500/9600 Pro. They're cheaper than the FX5600 Ultra and gives you better performance and image quality. If you want to stick with Nvidia, Ti4600 will give you much higher frame rates with out AA and AF, nearly twice as much in some cases, while 5600 Ultra will give you better performance when you use AA and AF but the frame rates arent that high. Without AA and AF a Geforce Ti4200 will outperform a 5600 Ultra by a little.

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