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Thread: looking precreated website template

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    Ok, ive got a problem, im lazy. I dont want to draw all my own pictures for my website, but i do want to learn more about Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash. Ive got all the programs but i need to find a precreated template.

    Does anyone know where a good place to get something like this is? I can work with CSS's, Flash Templates, etc...

    My website is coming along nicely but it looks very unprofessional and i would like to add some pizazz to it at all costs. Any ideas?

    Also, is there any way i could get a bulliten board for free?

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    you don't want to draw your own stuff, yet you've got flash and fireworks? The whole idea of them is to create stuff. :) There's plenty of tutorial books out there for those programs, plus there's even built in guides you can work through.

    As for free bulletin boards, phpbb is a good one. I've used it before, and with the vBulletin skin it looks very similar to TT. The only niggle I have with it is the administration side of things isn't as easy / powerful as vB is.

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    Liquid 2D has some great templates.

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    Well, not only am i lazy but im a terrible artist. If i was to create a site using these programs, which would i use most? I know Dreamweaver pretty well, and im familiar with Fireworks for the most part, I know practically nothing about flash(though i hear its easy) and im starting to use Photoshop more now that i got the color profiles fixed (for some reason my colors were all pink.)

    What is a really helpful book? Possibly Flash MX, or Fireworks MX.

    I have tried to create templates before but something always gets messed up in the display..

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    The basics of Flash are very easy, but once you start getting into Action Scripting, it basically becomes a programming task. Like I said before, there's a couple built in tutorials with each program. Go through them for starters, then just hunt around for other tutorials.

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    Thanks, i just borrowed Sams teach yourself Flash MX in 24 hours from a friend. I think im all set now.

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    You might trying checking out They have some pretty nice templates :)

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    Default Re: looking precreated website template

    !!!! Don't use a template !!!! If you are lazy you do not belong in web dev.

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    Default Re: looking precreated website template

    google => Tutorials + flash
    Tutorials + templates
    and so on...

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