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Thread: New Microsoft Search Engine?

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    Default New Microsoft Search Engine?

    Well what do u guys think about the new search engine microsoft? Have any of you found any interesting articles on this subject or know anything? im searching but havent come up w/ much. Why are they making their own?

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    Default Re: New Microsoft Search Engine?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos
    Why are they making their own?
    Microsoft has always had a policy of attempting to enter highly-profitable markets, so long as they are related to software in some way.

    I'm not expecting much out of it. The current MSN search engine sucks, and the search engine on Microsoft's own web site (used for searching it) sucks, too. Most Microsoft products are marketed to all hell and then end up sucking, and then ones that don't suck entirely rarely meet the expectations most would have. I doubt this will be any different.

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    Default Re: New Microsoft Search Engine?

    I havent heard much about it but what I have heard isnt good. The results that I gathered from the testing was that as per normal google came out on top although the relevance of its posts were not always that accurate neither were microsofts. Think for accurace ask jeeves came out pretty well.

    Anyway back to topic .. they think that the microsoft search engine will be good in the long run but the simple low number of currently indexed sites means that the number of hits and the relevance of the results is not as good as could be expected in the future.

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    Default Re: New Microsoft Search Engine?

    I think as Yawnm0th said MS just like to try and get a slice of everyone's pie. I haven't really read much about the MS engine yet but think that converting Google users is going to be very tough. Yahoo's engine has gone okay since they launched it though, but only because they copied Google's simple design. Personally I think you need something with a bit of a twist on the original search engine idea like Eurekster are doing to be successful.

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