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    Hi Guys/Gals. after two long months I finaly released my website. I have been getting some good feedback from those who are not very computer/electronicly inclined. What I do require is a little (If I dare say it lol) l33t assistance.

    I want to make sure that I have all my facts correct and that the general page deserves the mark of approval from others in the community. I am not all that good at web design, and I have no Idea how to work with layers and CSS so don't even suggest it I have checked compatability with all 4 browsers on the market and it seems to work fine.

    Any suggestions or fact errors would be gladly appreceated.
    you can also leave me an e-mail if you notice any hacks or security issues
    [email protected]

    Thanks once again

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    Default Re: Website feedback

    CD Rives are used to read and write different CD or DVD Media. Common examples are

    * DVD-ROM
    * DVD-RAM
    * CD-ROM
    * CD-RAM

    ROM is data that can only be Read and not changed where RAM data can be written to a disk. Once a DVD-RAM disk is "burned" it can then only be read. There are CD-RAM disks that can be written and re-written again these are called CD-rewritables.
    While DVD-RAM is an actual standard, but it is not synonymous with rewritable DVDs. There's no such thing as CD-RAM. This definition needs to be rewritten entirely.

    These devices convert data information into an audio signal. without a sound card on your system you cannot hear any audio playback.
    All modern (last three years) motherboards come with onboard sound, which is by no means a sound card. A sound card is far from necessary for audio playback.

    Overall, the definitions for computer parts are pretty poorly-written. Those two are the only ones that really need to be changed.

    I can't really tell you much about the other areas of the site, because they really aren't my expertise. Overall, the site looks good and is fairly easy to navigate.

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