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Thread: Interested in getting into website creation

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    Default Interested in getting into website creation

    I am interested in starting a website and getting into designing of the website. I created a website a while ago for a friends company with google apps but used their very simple template. I know Dreamweaver can be used. How easy is it to learn? Or should I ask what languages are used? HTML, XML? How does programming come into this? I think I can learn it...I took some programming in college (C++, Visual Basic) and do a lot of VBA programming using EXCEL and ACCESS. I'm not sure if I'm asking the right questions, but maybe just a link for beginners? I've googled "how to start a website" and I get a lot of results about programs to use but really no step by step method.

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    Default Re: Interested in getting into website creation

    I recommend that you first learn to create a simple sight by coding HTML directly. It is not hard. You can learn it from a good book, online instructions, community schools program, or a community college course. Spend 10 to 20 hours on this and you will be amazed what you can do as far as developing a basic page.
    Then afterwards learn Dreamweaver - which you can learn in the same ways. Having learned to code first will be a big help in using Dreamweaver, which in turn will increase tremendously the things you can do on a web page and increase productivity.
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    Default Re: Interested in getting into website creation

    I went to college, but if I had to do it again I would look at the college class, then find the book from their bookstore, then I would buy it off amazon ;)

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    Default Re: Interested in getting into website creation

    Its really very easy to dive into the website and explore new things, i am new in website designing field believe me its easy, i would recommend you not to use dreamweaver if you are a beginner in web designing because you will learn less if you will use dreamweaver. And start learn some easy languages first. Like set up your preference schedule according to your interests!
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