Been wanting to post/tell/ask this for a while, and since it's sunday and I have nothing else to do besides rewatch all the Starwars movies, I thought I'll do it now.

It's actually not much:

The ASUS support forum has the description "ASUS also needs no introduction. Get free technical support for their motherboards, graphics cards and other products!", yet it comes before the Gigabyte support forum that the description kinda hangs on to. I am aware how this happened, and its a minor thing to edit into something else.

Another thing, maybe someone could check in with Asus what has happened to their support guys that used to hang around that forum, been a long time since anyone has seen them. As I mainly got Asus products I've been trying to help as good as I can, but as user it is limited whats in my power compared to "real" asus guy :)

Maybe the "Beer Garden" forum should get a description with something like "Otherwise known as off-topic" .. took long before I entered that cause of the name.

Just some thoughts I've had ... up to you guys now :)