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Thread: Link issues

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    Well I have been working on the website for the TT clan sub-division of SWG. I have the main page up and the FAQ page up atm. But on the FAQ page I have a bunch of links.

    I am having problems linking to these other pages. Take the first one for example. It's called "1. General Information". Now the generalinfo.htm file is located in a folder called "FAQ" on the server.

    So in my html document if have the following link: A HREF="FAQ/generalinfo.htm" 1. General Information /A. Now when I upload the page I go to the FAQ page and the link doesn't work.

    So I went into IE and looked up the source code. I look for the link and the html has changed to this: A HREF="" 1. General Information /A. I am thinking the reason the link won't work is beacause the link is like that. Now my question is: WHY THE HELL IS IT CHANGING?

    *NOTE. I left out the "<"s and the ">"s because it wouldnt show the html.
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    He fixed it already. Hes too busy to post what im posting and since im his b*tch (NOT!) im letting ya'll know. Why he did it that way i dont know. I still think hes a little weird, but good guy nonetheless. :p

    If your here you should go over to my thread
    its more important anyways...
    ...and someone should close this thread, ppl might think of it as asnwered and thus future posts would be spam:eek:

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