I will write an application that work with an Access DB.
My database have 5 table that have a relationship to each other.

tables in DB:

Table 1: Car: CarID, Manufactore, Colour, Hp, Displacement, Price, Model
Table 2: SaleContractCar: SaleContractID, CarID
Table 3: SaleContract: SaleContractID, CustomerID, Date
Table 4: Customer: CustomerID, CustomerAddressID, Tel, Age, SeconCar, Name
Table 5: CustomerAddress: CustomerAddressID, Street, StreetNr, Zip, City

relationship between the tables:

Table 1 (one to more) Table 2
Table 2 (more to one) Table 3
Table 3 (more to one) Table 4
Table 4 (more to one) Table 5

at this moment I don't know how to start.

should I first load all tables I one DataSet?
and create for each table a DataTable?

how I should start?
how I should write an update SQL statement for this DataSet?

where I can find some sample application that work with Relational Data?