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Thread: New PC possiblities

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    Beefy Guest


    Hey all,

    I'm about to start putting together a new PC, and was wondering if anyone had any suggested improvements on the following:

    AMD Athlon 2700+ XP CPU (runs at 166FSB)
    Volcano 7+ HSF
    Soltek 75-FRN2-RL motherboard
    3 x Corsair 333Mhz 256MB DDR Ram
    2 x 120GB WD HDD w/ 8MB cache
    Audigy 2 Platinum eX

    Existing parts:
    ATi 9700 Pro All-in-Wonder
    48x LiteOn burner
    16x Sony DVD-ROM
    Case, keyboard, screen, speakers, etc..


    Couple questions / comments I have about it:

    1) I've heard things that using 400Mhz RAM in some boards will only allow you to use 2 of the three slots, which is why I chose the 333Mhz RAM. Also mentioned on the Soltek site <a href="">here</a>. Anyone back that up / prove it wrong?

    2) Money aside, is it worth going for the SATA HDDs as opposed to the IDE drives? I'm not going to be using them in a RAID array, just by themselves.

    3) Some people suggest that instead of getting a 2700+, get a 2100b+ and overclock the hell out of it. I'm not really planning on doing much OC'ing, so I'm not exactly interested in that.

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    About the only thing that I would consider is checking the specs of that nForce2 chipset. Unless I'm mistaken (possible), then you'll be defeating the purpose of the dual channel memory controller by utilizing all three slots. You'd probably be better off with a matched pair of DDR333 modules of say 512MB each. This will allow the chipset to take full advantage of the dual channel memory controller.

    As to the SATA drives, has Soltek managed to get the SATA off the PCI bus on this newest revision board? If not then it won't do you a lick of good to go that route; especially over the WD 8MB drives you've got planned.
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    Beefy Guest


    Thanks Darth.

    I might see if I can grab a couple 400Mhz Corsair 512MB chips then, like the ones specified in that link.

    One of the reasons I was considering SATA is because it would free up a couple IDE spots for me, which will be taken by 2 x optical drives and probably a 30GB drive which I was going to use as a system drive. While SATA might not be faster in it's current incarnation, will it be any slower? I'll still be getting the same drives either way, just depends whether or not it's the SATA version. Kinda looking at future-proofing as many aspects of the PC as I can, and if SATA is the way to go.....

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    Looks good to me beefy:thumb:
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    I personally doubt that today's SATA drives will be very future proof as they will be supplanted by advanced forms of the spec that will offer real advantages over PATA. I use an adapter with a standard drive on my Abit board to free up regular channels as you want to do. Pre-production tests of the upcoming Maxtor SATA drives show them to be much faster than the Seagates. They should be shipping shortly and I'm sure the production model will be tested immediatly.
    I also checked Soltek's site about the mem questions. The second part of the pic is from the user's manual. Everything in red is my addition.

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    Beefy Guest


    Been doing some more research, and found this review on the Maxtor 120GB SATA drives

    It compares to other SATA drives, as well as the WD SE 120GB. And the numbers do a lot of talking. I'm kinda swaying this way now.

    Also, I've chosen to go for the 2 x 512MB Corsair 400Mhz chips on that table. I figure that should be fast enough.

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    I dunno if this will help, but I'll post it anyways :thumb: . I own both a WD and a maxtor. Although my WD is and older 5400 RPM, it still retains a key feature of WD drives, it's wicked quiet. However, WD drives are only ATA/100. My maxtor is a 160GB using an ultra ATA/133 controller (note: not serial ATA), and its fast as hell. Unless you're really interested in benchmarks and numbers, I'd say save your cash and go with a non-serial ATA Maxtor. In real world, like gaming for instance, I've never seen it slow down. The only down side seems to be the noise of the motor, its rather loud, but you can only hear it when a game loads or many files load at once. I got this 160GB maxtor w/ the Ultra ATA/133 controlelr card for only $129usd (from CompUSA). I dunno, its a real bang-for-your-buck drive tho. Anyways, that's my :2cents: , hoped it helped. : peace2: Mista K6
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    -7200 RPM Maxtors: 60GB (2MB) on mobo and 160GB (8MB) on ATA/133 PCI Card
    -Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 Speaker System on an Audigy 2
    -Windows XP Home Edition SP2

    Rock on : peace2: , MiStA K6

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    Beefy Guest


    Thanks for the input. If you read the link I posted, it basically showed / said that the Maxtor SATA drive was faster and quieter than the WD SE.

    The newer WD drives are also fairly quiet, and will, on most occasion, out-do the Maxtor ATA drives. The difference between ATA 100 and 133 isn't worth worrying about, which is why most companies (aside from Maxtor) didn't bother following it.

    As I'm going to be doing a lot of video manipulation / recording, I kinda need fast drives, which is why I'm impressed with the Maxtor SATA performance. Who knows, I might end up putting them into a RAID array after all. :)

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    I've put together a couple boxes lately with WD Raptor SATA drives, and I've been very impressed with them - there's lots of reveiws around, although I don't have any links handy right now

    10k rpm, 8MB cache & a 5 yr. warranty - if your into comparing specs. look at the seek time vs. other SATA drives

    ....the biggest drawback (other than the price tag) is that they only come in a 36GB size right now:rolleyes:

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    i know i've been pushing this hsf a lot, but i really believe its the best bang for buck its the Spire Falcon Rock 2 (available in aus fromhere ) if its not powerful enough with its stock fan (VERY VERY quiet!) get a more powerful fan and stick it on and get a cheap HSF performance increase :D

    Dan's review here

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