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Thread: Search started for next machine

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    Oct 2002


    Starting to look around a little more, for another system. A system that will be 20% wifes machine 80% render farm machine.

    I was looking into the Soltek EQ2000's, pretty nice little set up. But I had a question about the Intel Extreme onboard graphics. Is this even a useable source for WC3? I'm not talking breath-taking graphics, but would it work? The wife likes to play it once in a while, but I was gonna save $ without getting a VC for it yet.

    I kinda set up two systems: (which one do you all like?)

    Soltek Qbic EQ2000M P4 ($299)
    Intel P4 2.6 533 ($191.50)


    (Leftovers from the Nephews machine)
    Antec SLK3700AMB ($0)
    Epox 8RDA+ ($0)
    AthlonXP ($180)
    Videocard ?? ($??)

    Both with these Components:

    (2) Corsair CMX512-2700C2PT ($172 total)
    Liteon 52X CD-ROM ($25)
    WD SE 80Gb ($90)
    WinXP Pro ($93)

    So the prices would be:

    Soltek - $872 (Free Shipping)


    Antec - $560 + videocard (Free Shipping)

    So far, I'm thinking Antec, but thought I'd ask the pros. thanks:shrug:
    Architectural Visualization Specialist

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    AMD for me.
    [Mobo] Asus A7N8X w/ Modified 1003 Uber BIOS w/ Custom Boot logo
    [CPU] Athlon XP 2200+ Thoroughbred
    [Memory] 512 Samsung PC3200 DDR400 w/ Copper Heatsink(s)
    [Video Card] Geforce 3 ti200 128 DDR Special Gold Edition

    [Case] All aluminum Skyhawk case w/ custom cut blowhole
    [HSF] Volcano 11 Xaser Edition
    [Northbridge] ThermalTake Crystal Orb
    [Southbridge] Aluminum Northbridge heatsink attatched

    Operating System:
    [OS] Windows XP Pro w/ SP1

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    I'd go for the Antec, and use the difference in cost to get a fairly decent video card.

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    i'm the AMD type .. and i love the EPOX 8rda+
    My new gaming rig..

    [size=1.28]asus a78nx-deluxe
    2x256mb pc 3200 ddr 400.(with cooling)
    athlon Xp 2500+ ( at 200x10=2000mhz .)
    seagate 80gb 8mb SATA
    Tt vlocano 7+ cpu cooling
    Clear case from HK.
    Leaktek fx5600 128mb
    enermax 350w PSU
    wireless internet setup[/size]

    (game/ftp server) windows xp pro, duron 1.4ghz, 256mb pc 2100 2x40gb Hd, radeon 9200se chieftec dragon
    canada price watch :)

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