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Thread: Here's what I'm getting

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    After doing some research and asking a few questions here at TT I ordered the following (all from newegg except the cpu, which is from accupc):

    $107 Athlon XP 2500
    Why: It's a Barton core and within my budget.

    $89 Epox 8RDA+
    Why: Value, features.

    $38 2x Apacer 256MB PC3200
    Why: Price, reliability.

    $89 WD 80GB 7200RPM 8MB cache
    Why: Good deal at newegg, 8MB cache rocks.

    $37 Cyberdrive 40x16x48 CD-RW
    Why: Price

    $50 Crucial Radeon 7500 64MB
    Why: Price, I'm not a gamer.

    $16 Igloo 2500Pro HSF
    Why: Price, low noise, quality.

    $38 Maxtop CSX-147K-GF-USB case+ps
    Why: Good reco's on newegg.

    I'm figuring I probably could've got by with PC2700, I know the video card isn't too hot but I'm not a gamer so I don't care. If the system is quiet enough I may o/c a little, but system stability and longevity is far more important than performance for me.

    Thanks to all who answered my newb questions here. I'll post an update when the system's put together (hopefully everything will work out of the box w/ no rma's or other probs... ya I know I'm being kinda hopeful).


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    $37 Cyberdrive 40x16x48 CD-RW
    Why: Price

    Ugh, should have gotten a Liteon for 40$


    Why that ram? The only people with a need for PC3200 right now are overclockers who mainly overclock for game performance. You should have gotten a good brand of ram,and just gotten PC2700.


    The only other thing I'd maybe worry about is the Power supply... but, it will probably be fine.

    Other than that, the system looks very solid.
    "In their capacity as a tool, computers will be but a ripple on the surface of our culture. In their capacity as intellectual challenge, they are without precedent in the cultural history of mankind." - Edsger Dijkstra

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    I got PC3200 because (according to my perhaps flawed understanding) if/when I upgrade the processor (in a couple years) I'll see the benefit of PC3200 vs. PC2700. The price difference doesn't make much difference now to me (like $5/stick). And hey, maybe I'll wind up overclocking some and get some use out of it now :). But you're right I could've got by fine with PC2700.

    Liteon... well, honestly, after spending the past several days in intensive research into CPU, mobo and memory, I just didn't have the heart to spend the extra time researching a part of my system that won't get much use. So I just picked something that got good reviews on newegg.

    [B]Other than that, the system looks very solid.
    Thanks! :cheers:


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