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Thread: ok, i got it...the ALIENWARE laptop

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    ur son goes to UF? i am leaving the state actually goin to school in memphis tenn. i kinda wish i was staying in town though, i will see how school outta state works out and then possibly transfer to UF next year. I dont knwo if its video games that will make your son come home after 2 years though....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmm0324
    Monitor: 15" UltraXGA 1600x1200 LCD Display
    DAMN... I have good vision, but that's friggin' small!!

    I counldn't do the laptop thing, but since your parents paid for it! :thumb:

    The_Tweaker - I just asked you a nice friendly question when you started scream at me..

    Well I still think you should learn some facts before claiming such nonsense as you did above..

    :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:
    Architectural Visualization Specialist

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    Let the guy be happy with his laptop...

    Nice pic there tweaker..reminds me of that old actor or comedian...don't remember his name...he used glasses like those and very old as well..

    I go to UF every once in a while...for some civil engineer courses...i love town and the best school in FL...

    elrado is your son's name ...Ralph by any chance?
    - Damien

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