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Thread: Shuttle Computers

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    Just want to post a follow up after a couple weeks of use.

    It is very quiet compared to any of the previous systems I've had. I've left the system on about 16/7 and played games and such and the fan has never kicked into high rpm mode. CPU temps are 45C and case 50C at idle. I have it overclocked to 160fsb which is 3.05GHz with my P4 2.53GHz. I had to up the cpu voltage to 1.60 to get it to boot into Windows. Only bad thing is you can't set the ram above 333 until you hit 200fsb. So, I'd need an 800fsb processor to really use my ram. So far no stability problems except once when my computer froze on the screensaver, but I don't know if that was cpu or Windows XP related.

    I've ordered a SN45G to replace my home theater computer and that should be here tomorrow.

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    I have one of the Shuttle XPC comps and I like the little thing. I cant really hear it making any noise but I do have 4 other systems in here running, My main system HOS (in the sig) has 4 ttsmart fan 2's in it running at half speed or so, that kind of drowns out every thing else. I set the BIOS in my XPC to run the fan at full speed all the time, the auto fan adjust doesnt seem to work very well and the CPU heats up to a bout 51c in the middle of the day. I give the little guy :thumb: :thumb: as its a good comp, fast and from what I can tell quiet.

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