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Thread: Buying a new system soon, any advice?

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    I'm pretty sure I'm going to a P4 "C" (800MHz fsb) this time around because not only are they clearly faster than Athlon XPs but their price point is comparable as long as you don't go for the top of the line.

    So far I'm looking at something like this:

    MSI 865PE Neo2-LS
    P4 2.8GHz (800MHz FSB)
    120GB Maxtor S-ATA Hard drive
    512MB DDR PC-3200 RAM
    Geforce FX 5900 Ultra OR Radeon 9800 Pro

    Right off the bat I want to hit 3GHz with a quick OC, seeing how the 3.06GHz model is over $100 more I think I can save myself some money that way.

    A couple things I'm unsure of... I have no knowledge of Intel coolers, up until now I haven't even glanced at a P4, whats a good performance cooler that won't make me any more deaf than the Delta on my current CPU has :cool:

    Is there any noticeable difference between PC-3200 and PC-3500 DDR400? Besides being nearly twice as expensive for PC-3500.

    Finaly, FX 5900 Ultra or Radeon 9800 Pro? The FX is over $100 more, is it justified?

    I'm not sure how soon I'll be getting this so I may end up with a faster CPU, but we'll go with this :)
    AMD Thunderbird AXIA 1000MHz @ 1400MHz
    MSI K7T266 Pro2
    Globalwin FOP-38 w/Delta
    1024MB PC2100 DDR (2-2-2)
    Leadtek Geforce 3 TD - 210/500
    Soundblaster Live!
    Plextor 16x10x40x
    20GB WD 7200RPM ATA66
    40GB WD 7200RPM ATA133
    60GB Maxtor 7200RPM ATA100
    Enlight Case / 17" Hansol Monitor

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    A m8 of mine is running his 2.4 @ 3Ghz with Intels stock hsf so it's possible to reach good oc results with it but as always, a Volcano7+ is mutch better and cheap to.. :)

    Yes the pc-3500 memory is to prefer if you can afford it, however I've seen many setups with 6-700 Mhz oc on dual ddr 400 (3200) using that mobo chipset. Just make sure to get to identical sticks of memory, 2x256Mb that is. But personally I prefer 2x512Mb 3200 over 2x256Mb 3500 as 512Mb isn't all that anymore specially with the newer games we are waiting for in a few months..

    If the Ati card is $100 cheaper then get it, specially if it's the 256Mb version.. :)


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    I have to agree on sticking with the stock P4 cooler. Unless you really want to show everything off and have to have something really fancy, just stick with the stock cooling---unless the price diff between the OEM and Retail versions of the chip exceed $20-25.

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    The stock cooling seems to be great for the new P4's, the only complaint I've read about is noise at higher o/c's, but that is relative to the user (some may want silent PC's, etc). I wonder what the dB ratings are for them, they must be on the Intel site. Also, if you plan on o/cing, although it'll hurt your pocket a little more, go with the 3500. 3200 is running at its spec speed when the CPU is stock, so you're gonna have to o/c the RAM too when you o/c the CPU, which isnt so good for it (+ the extra heat, etc). 3500 will run at 217mhz (434) stock, which, if your FSB is set to 217, will have your CPU running at the 3ghz you wanted. Something to consider. I'm gonna be buying almost the same system, and I'm stuck right now between buying 512 (2x256) or 1GB of 3500 or 3700, so if I find any deciding info, I'll post it. Good luck m8, : peace2: Mista K6
    Modified Dell 8200 Case:
    -400MHz FSB i850 Intel mobo
    -P4 Williamette Socket 478, 1.9GHz
    -768MB 16-bit PC800 RDRAM
    -MSI GF4 Ti4200 128MB @ 284/581
    -7200 RPM Maxtors: 60GB (2MB) on mobo and 160GB (8MB) on ATA/133 PCI Card
    -Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 Speaker System on an Audigy 2
    -Windows XP Home Edition SP2

    Rock on : peace2: , MiStA K6

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