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.....I actually seriously considered building an AMD system, but after reading at least 2 - 300 threads in forums I decided to build an Intel based computer. I have another computer which also is Intel based - and I thought that this time I'll try an Athlon - but however I chose Intel again.
I hear ya. I was VERY leary about building my first AMD-based system. There are a lot of bad stories circulating out there and the K-6 had still left a bad taste in my opinionated mouth. However; on the recommendation of several friends who had ATHLON based pc's, I took the leap (that and all the GOOD press about how the Athlon's beat the Pentiums clock for clock and the cost saving and.....:)) At first it was a little tricky because Windows 98 did NOT offer much support for NON-Intel based chipsets (VIA in particular). So you had to install your motherboard drivers and that lead to some confusion and, admittedly, "some" problems. However, ME was better ion this regard and XP is awesome....it has become a non-issue.

One day you will build yourself an AMD based pc.....save yourself enough $ for a very good video card in the process......and wonder why you waited soooooooo long. :D