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Thread: Is a good PSU really that important?

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    If it works, it works. Right? Or is there a performance issue of somekind involved?

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    A good PSU is a must, some are better than others, depending on the wattage on 3.3V and 5V rails, as well as the 12v rail.

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    I know I had a sh** psu before the one I got some six months ago...cant remember what the thing was but I couldn't even use a removable hard drive tray cuz I wasnt getting enough juice...then the sucker died....good riddence....alls well now on that front.

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    Low quality PSU's have the potential to do more than just die, they can also take anything connected to them out too. The good news is they tend to only do it after the warranty is expired.

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    A quality PSU is important, unless you just enjoy gambling with your other hardware. I had a PSU that just 'worked' and then one day it decided it didn't want to just work anymore and cost me over $300 (US) in hardware and 2 weeks of down time.
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    dang, that bites...thats why i have extra parts laying around just in case.

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