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Thread: Need advise on putting together a new PC

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    I am about to start building a new PC with a budget of 700. I live in the UK and I do not need a monitor as I have one, an old EIZO flexiscan 9500 19inch model and hope that this will be suitable or I may need to revise my budget and save a bit more.

    What I would like to know is-
    with said budget what would you put into your machine.

    I require a system that can handle the latest 3D games like MOH and the forthcoming Jedi games and not need to be upgraded anymore for a while.
    The system need's to be able to run WinXP Pro as well which I already own.

    So I need a system that is the best money can buy with my meagre amount of money, shouldn't be to difficult I hope.



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    I'd get
    Ti4200 128 Meg 8x (asus make a good one)
    512 Meg DDR
    Asus a7n8x delux
    80 G seagate 7200
    AMD 2600+ ( may be able to get better depends on budget)
    Floppy drive (if required)
    Case with 400 W P/s
    LG 52X24X52x burner
    keyboard & optical mouse

    you can get all this for around $1000 AUS so you should easily be able to afford it with your stronger pound

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    mm what is that about 1000 usd?

    prices in usd.

    2500+ barton ~88
    dfi lan party nforce2 ultra400 board ~160
    geil 512 ddr500 ~150
    seagate 180gb sata ~180?
    thermaltake volcano 11+ xaser edition ~36
    nanotherm pcm+ ~10
    floppy ~10
    cdrw/dvdr ~your pick, dont know how the rebates are in europe.
    gmc x-21 trinity ~50? maybe?
    antec 430 truepower ~80
    ati radeon 9500pro ~200 (then softmod :))
    keyboard/mouse ~50
    logitech z-640s ~60
    fans ~20

    thats 1100~ probably could find better prices, but that system, with overclocking will last you a long while.

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