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Thread: What should i buy....

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    Ok people, im looking to buy a new graphics card(radeon 9700 pro) and a new processor (athlon xp barton 2800+). However my cash is limited so i can only choose one of them.

    Heres the question - Which one would i see a greater performance from?? Thanks to the people who reply :)

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    DEPENDS, what do you want to do with it, for gaming get the Vid card, for working, get the processor.
    Personnaly i would take the 9700, i dont do compression/decompression and encoding, 1800+ is enuph for me!
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    like syx said, it really depends on what you want to do with it. the new cpu will improve overall performance (assuming your DDR ram is at least PC2700), but the video card will drastically improve gaming performance.
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    And if you plan to overclock, get a AMD xp 2500.:thumb:
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    Thanks all, i want it for gaming .. so it looks like im gona get the radeon :)

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