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Thread: Which GeForce3?

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    I'm in the market for a new graphics card to play games like MOH:AA on as my current GeForce2 MX is looking a bit slow now. I've been particularly looking at GeForce 3 TI200/500 cards. The TI200 looks to be fast enough for what I want for 179, to get the 500 I would have to spend another 100 which seems a bit steep.

    Can anyone give an opinion on these cards (I can't afford GF4)? Is it worth going for the 500 over the 200? Couldn't I just overclock the 200 and save some money? Is GF3 starting to look dated are are they still OK? Should I be looking at a different video card altogether? Any comments welcomed!

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    There is a considerable difference between the Ti200 and Ti500 in regards to performance. But as to which one to get... that really comes down to what you have available to spend.

    If you plan on using this card for a long time, then go the Ti500 if you can afford it. If you plan on just using this card as a temporary device until you can afford a GF4, then get the Ti200.

    Another option would be to search around for any places that still offer the original GF3 card. It can be overclocked pretty well in most instances, and will give very good performance. It also supports all of the new features that are currently used in DirectX 8.

    Good luck! :D
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    I got mine from ebay(brand new) for only $125.00 and with a little overclocking it has reached near Ti500 levels. If you are not very rich-like me- go for a Ti200 or maybe even a GeForce3 which everyone seems to forget about. Do not get one of those GeForce4 MX type cards. They do not offer all the eye candy that even a Ti200 has.
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    I purchased a standard gf3 not long after they came out. If you really want to match the speed of a Ti500, it's not that hard to overclock it. I've managed to get my card running faster than a Ti500 using standard cooling, but I tuned it back down again as it's summer here...

    It basically just comes down to what you can afford.. If you can afford a Ti500, go for it.. if not, try a standard gf3.. if you can't afford that, then don't go beneath a gf3 Ti200

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    If you're looking to overclock, Gainward makes very good cards. I've got my GF3 up at 251/571 core/mem with stock cooling. I've been reading about people getting their Gainward Ti200's up to around Ti500 level's with these. Your results may vary.

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    Last year I reviewed the Leadtek WinFast GeForce3 TD and it was very overclockable, ran a lot hotter than most GeForce3 cards but overclocked to 250MHz core and 540MHz memory without a problem. From my experience, brands such as Leadtek, Gainward and the like are the best overclockers, other more "Mainstream" brands such as Prolink aren't quite as overclockable :(
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